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Of course --


Potter would be absurd enough to think anyone gives a Knut what's happening in his pathetic little world *eyeroll*

Yes, I can hear the insipid fangirls now:

'Ooh, Harry, your wand is sooo big! Can I carry it for you? Polish your broomstick? Lick your balls?'


He was just begging to be outdone, and by me, of course.
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Oh ho, so the great Malfoy had to have his own community? Gee, didn't see that coming.

I don't beg. Especially for anything from you.

Your ego has always outdone mine. That's a given. And that's all.
I knew you were obsessed with me, Potter, but really, this is a bit much.

Isn't Weasel looking for a girlfriend? I heard he'd shag anything with one leg. No, wait, having a leg isn't even a requirement.

Better start looking after your pets, everyone. Weasley certain can't afford a whore. Who knows how desperate he'll get...
Obsessed? Save that for your groupies. I could care less, except I know you're up to no good. And I know better than to turn my back.

You're losing your touch, Malfoy. Those insults are terrible.

Oy, Ferret-boy, I don't need a whore; your mother was free.

Whoa...that is being desperate.
How unpleasant of you to slink by.

Language, Beggar. Is that same mouth you tongue-kiss your sister with?
Not quite, git, but come to think of it, your aunt liked it rather well.
Which explain your disgusting tongue-lock.


Ah well. To each his own, I suppose... *shrugz*
And of course I'm up to no good. What cave were you born in?

"Groupies" is a terribly undignified for them, Potter. I prefer rabid admirers. Rather fitting, isn't it? *grinz*
Oh, great, now you're religious. It just keeps getting worse.

And the groupies...aren't...dignified. Hence the name 'groupies.'
I particulary enjoy the part where I lay hands on all the young misguided women seeking my counsel...*grinz*
A rotten, disgusting leaf at that. So really, it's not any better.

That's exactly the sort of rubbish I expected from you, being so...saintified and all *eyeroll*