slythrns_finest (slythrns_finest) wrote in draco_online,

The ferret business...AGAIN

Lately, there's been a resurgence of people sniggering some rather droll things ragarding..."bouncing ferrets" then quickly quieting within my immediate presence.

They obviously haven't the balls to say it to my wand.

I'm no good playing oblivious like Father. He had a gift for being able to deliver one singularly nasty glare that could whip a charging Gazzard in the opposite direction. This talent has somehow managed to elude me. While I've practiced plenty enough on Crabbe and Goyle and the look is effective, it's not nearly as stunning as it ought to be. I've tried it a time or two on Pansy and the stupid bint had the gall to laugh as if I were aiming to amuse her. She's lucky I like her tits too much or else I would have hexed them off right then and there.

By the by, if anyone gives two shites, I was approached by a rather sexy witch who said she thought ferrets were cute. I sharply jutted my brow. "Only 'cute'? Perhaps I can improve your opinion on the subject this evening, nine o'clock?"

I had her name and Floo contact in my pocket outside of thirty seconds.

Cute, indeed.
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